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X-Rays vs.

X-Rays for Mexico (IRX México) is a non-profit initiative that provides crucial support during the COVID-19 pandemic to the most vulnerable populations in Oaxaca and Puebla, Mexico. By utilizing telemedicine and artificial intelligence, IRX México democratizes access to expert medical knowledge, offering accurate and timely diagnoses to hospitals with limited resources. With a focus on preventing ICU bed and ventilator saturation, IRX México aims to improve patient outcomes and save lives in underserved communities.

Democratizing access to accurate and timely diagnoses in Mexico

X-Rays for Mexico (IRX México) aims to address the challenge of limited resources in treating confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patients in Mexico. Previously, doctors shared X-ray images via WhatsApp due to resource constraints, underutilizing the potential of available X-ray infrastructure. Now, with IRX México, X-rays taken by doctors are automatically sent to a telemedicine platform where a network of certified radiologists provides pre-diagnoses in less than 90 minutes.

We seek to democratize access to accurate and timely diagnoses for all Mexicans through a telemedicine platform supported by artificial intelligence pre-diagnoses. Our mission is to prevent ICU bed and ventilator saturation by providing vulnerable clinics and hospitals with timely remote pre-diagnoses using artificial intelligence and machine learning. By leveraging the existing X-ray infrastructure, we aim to detect the presence of COVID-19 promptly.

IRX México believes that technology can effectively combat health crises. We are committed to building solutions that enable timely and remote pre-diagnoses for vulnerable clinics and hospitals in Mexico. With artificial intelligence and machine learning, we aim to utilize the underutilized X-ray infrastructure to detect COVID-19 cases promptly. Our mission is to massively transform access to health for the most vulnerable population in Mexico.


Health & Social Impact: 

During the most critical time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we handled integrated x-ray machines and created in less than 2 moths, a teleradiology platform that helped:

Two Méxican States, Oaxaca, and Puebla, covered.

+ 5,000 X-rays diagnosed. 

+ 50 doctors helped 

98% accuracy covid 19 algorithm

Deliver essential materials to doctors in remote areas

Thanks to our awesome
Partnership with:
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and the masked heroes:

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