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Eyex Vision's AI-powered diagnostic solution addresses the shortage of specialized doctors in Latin America, providing healthcare organizations with the tools to enhance access, accuracy, and efficiency. By partnering with HCK Konect, we can embrace innovation, improve patient outcomes, and remain at the forefront of healthcare transformation in developing countries.

Addressing the Lack of Specialized Doctors in Latin America

The need for specialized doctors is a pressing issue in Latin America, leading to centralized, expensive, and scarce healthcare access. This shortage results in delayed and inaccurate diagnoses, compromising patient outcomes.

This problem urgently impacts the healthcare systems in Latin America, where the growing population requires increased access to specialized care. The shortage of doctors hinders healthcare organizations' ability to meet the rising healthcare demands, affecting the quality of care and patient outcomes. Numerous credible sources recognize this shortage's financial, social, and health-related implications.


Eyex´s AI-powered diagnostic imaging technology effectively solves the scarcity of specialized doctors. By streamlining workflows and leveraging cutting-edge AI algorithms, our solution improves throughput, reduces diagnosis time, and enhances accuracy, enabling timely and accurate diagnoses.


Healthcare Benefits: 

  • Affordable and accessible healthcare: Eyex Vision's solution ensures equitable access to accurate diagnoses, regardless of geographical location or financial status.

  • Improved patient outcomes: Timely and accurate diagnoses lead to early interventions and more effective treatment plans, positively impacting patient outcomes and quality of life.

  • Increased efficiency: Our AI-powered technology streamlines diagnostic workflows, enabling healthcare providers to handle more cases without compromising accuracy.

With a total available market of 2.4 billion dollars in Latin America's diagnostic imaging sector, Eyex Vision offers a unique opportunity for healthcare organizations to leverage innovative technology and gain a competitive edge. This market is expected to grow rapidly, presenting significant long-term prospects.

Eyex Vision has formed a strategic alliance with existing FDA-approved algorithms tailored to the realities of the Latin American healthcare landscape. This collaboration ensures the seamless deployment of our tools, incorporating validated and regulatory-compliant algorithms to meet the highest performance and safety standards.


Health & Social Impact: 

If the project of implementing Eyex Vision's AI-powered diagnostic imaging solution were to be successfully scaled, several potential impact metrics could be observed. These metrics would highlight the positive outcomes and benefits the solution can bring to healthcare organizations in Latin America. Here are some potential impact metrics:

  1. Improved Efficiency: Eyex Vision's solution could streamline diagnostic imaging workflows, increasing efficiency. This could be measured by tracking the number of patients processed and reducing wait times for imaging services.

  2. Reduced Diagnosis Time: By leveraging AI algorithms, Eyex Vision's solution can expedite the diagnostic process, reducing diagnosis time. This impact can be quantified by measuring the average time from image acquisition to final diagnosis.

  3. Enhanced Accuracy: Eyex Vision's AI-powered technology can assist healthcare professionals in making more accurate diagnoses. The impact on accuracy can be assessed by comparing the rate of correct diagnoses before and after the implementation of the solution.

  4. Improved Patient Outcomes: Timely and accurate diagnoses facilitated by Eyex Vision's solution can result in improved patient outcomes. This impact can be evaluated by assessing patient satisfaction, treatment success rates, and the overall improvement in health outcomes for specific conditions.

  5. Increased Accessibility: Eyex Vision's scalable solution can help address the scarcity of specialized doctors and increase access to diagnostic imaging services, particularly in underserved areas. The impact on accessibility can be measured by tracking the number of patients served in previously underserved regions or populations.

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